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Marketing or Corporate identity should be managed in one place so that everything that goes out to the members and to the public conforms to the "house" standards rather than have a grab bag of random looks that are un co-ordinated and the result of personal tastes of amateur and untrained individuals — we need to follow Lama Yeshe's instructions that we be "Professional".

Volunteers are the heart of our engine room and are surely ranked above Members who do not contribute physically to the running of the Centre. But volunteers are often invisible and overlooked, especially if they are not Members.

The Rules state that no activity of the Centre can be run independently of the EC (ether directly or via a sub-committee) yet there are clearly areas that are being run without any clear governance structure. Off the top of my head, I know of the gardening and publications — I wouldn't be surprised if there were others as well.

These lines of responsibility need to be clarified and made to conform to the Rules.


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