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TI is governed by these Rules (access via green button, above) as an Incorporated Association overseen by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

According to the Rules, Membership is required (not optionally) to be gained via a detailed process that is probably not followed by the EC. In which case, it is not clear who is actually a member and entitled to vote, sit on the EC and to hold office.

The sign-up process is like an anti-virus program on your computer; it will not guarantee to stop bad actors from joining up but the risks are significant when the process is not followed.

See my letter to the Secretary raising these issues in detail.

Read his disturbing response.

Part 2 Membership

  • 2. Membership qualifications
    A person is qualified to be a member of the Centre if, but only if:
    • a) the person is a person referred to in section 14(1) (a), (b) or (c) of the Act and has not ceased to be a member of the Centre at any time after incorporation of the Centre under the Act, or
      b) the person is a natural person:
      • (i) who has been nominated for membership of the Centre as provided by rule 3, and
        (ii) who has been approved for membership of the Centre by the Committee of the Centre.

9 Application for membership

  • (1) To apply to become a member of the Association, a person must submit
    a written application to the Committee stating that the person—
    • (a) wishes to become a member of the Association; and
      (b) supports the purposes of the Association; and
      (c) agrees to follow the teachings and advice given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama; and
      (d) agrees to comply with these Rules.
  • (2) The application—
    • (a) must be made by the applicant in writing in the form set out in Appendix 1 to these rules, and
      (b) must be signed by the applicant; and
      (c) must be accompanied by the joining fee; and
      (d) must be lodged with the secretary of the Association.

10 Consideration of application

  • (1) As soon as practicable after an application for membership is received, the Committee must decide by resolution whether to accept or reject the application.
    (1) [sic] In determining whether to approve or reject the nomination, the Committee may require the nominee to enter an undertaking, written or
    unwritten, that demonstrates the nominee’s commitment to uphold the purposes of the Association.
    (3) The Committee must notify the applicant in writing of its decision as soon as practicable after the decision is made
    (4) If the Committee rejects the application, it must return any money accompanying the application to the applicant.
    (5) No reason need be given for the rejection of an application.

11 New membership

  • (1) If an application for membership is approved by the Committee—
    • (a) the resolution to accept the membership must be recorded in the minutes of the committee meeting; and
    • (b) the Secretary must, as soon as practicable, enter the name and address of the new member, and the date of becoming a member, in the register of members.


  • (d) To qualify as a member or office bearer of the Committee, an individual must profess to be a follower of the teachings of the Spiritual Director of FPMT Inc.

The FPMT has the power to unilaterally terminate the Affiliation Agreement (access via green button, above) ​which would force the sale of TI and the assets transfered to another FPMT centre. However, the EC is confident that that will not happen.

3. Approval of Centre Director.
If at the time this agreement is entered, one or more individuals are serving as the Affiliate’s Centre Director, (“Centre Director”), FPMT Inc., hereby approves the Centre Director of the Affiliate who is in place as of the effective date of this
Agreement. While this Agreement remains in effect, FPMT Inc. shall have the right to approve the Affiliate’s selection of any successor Centre Director, or to withdraw its approval of the sitting Centre Director or any successor.

Any approval of a proposed successor Centre Director, or withdrawal of approval of a sitting or successor Centre Director by FPMT Inc. pursuant to this section shall be in writing signed on behalf of FPMT Inc. by an authorized officer and delivered to the Affiliate in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. FPMT Inc.’s decision in Its sole discretion, not to approve of any Centre Director at any time shall constitute cause for termination under Section 15.A. of this Agreement.

16. Effect of Termination or Expiration.
Upon termination of this Agreement:
a. Revocation of Charter.
FPMT Inc., may, in the sole discretion of its Board of Directors, revoke the charter granted to the Affiliate pursuant to Section 1 above. Such revocation nonetheless shall obligate the Affiliate to initiate dissolution proceedings
immediately under applicable state law and to pursue such proceedings diligently to conclusion, including the distribution of the Affiliate’s net assets in compliance with the terms of its rules and applicable law.

Did the Executive Committee act diligently in the interests of TI and FPMT by making sure the Affiliate agreement was correctly followed and Lama Zopa’s December 2018 observation followed? No withdrawal document has yet been released to Members at any time in 2019.

Was one received by the Executive Committee and if so why has it not been released?