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December 2019 Letter to Members — Non-conforming FPMT Rule Changes

In December 2019, I wrote this letter to Members warning of the inconsistencies and anomalies in the proposed new Rules being advocated by the Executive Committee.

Months later, in May 2020 it was directly submitted to the Centre Director but was again completely ignored.

The letter contains quotes from source FPMT documents which show that the proposed Rules did not conform with what FPMT was asking us to do. In other words the EC was pushing changes that were not what the FPMT Board was asking in their documents.

I was asking for public examination and review to make sure that we firstly understood what was being requested before we agreed to the changes before going ahead with instituting them.

All attempts at open discussion were ignored. Subsequently the EC unconstitutionally pushed the changes through during the Covid lockdown and then immediately ignored them — presumably because they did not understand their purpose.

This has been a several-decades-long pattern of TI Executive Committees who again and again expose the centre to many dangers.