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Minutes of EC Meeting 17 January 2019

As usual, nothing is straight forward with this EC. This meeting was called —at the urging of Frank and Gil— to formally Minute a claim that Mark made on the previous Saturday when he told Frank, Gil and me that the EC had voted to remove us from our roles.

So the proposal should have been opposite to the one written in these Minutes. 

Proposed Motion: The Executive Committee accepts the recommendation of Peter
Guiliano and Frank Brock to the roles of Director and Assistant Director of Tara
Centre for Wisdom Culture Inc (Tara Institute)

I was told that Judy officially resigned in December but there is no evidence as I haven’t seen her letter and it is not with these Minutes, which now claim:

The position of Centre Director has been vacant since 1 January 2019, following the
resignation by the former Director Judy Mayne.

Frank and I were appointed by Gabe and Judy in December —see Timeline and Judy’s handover document, dated January, was presented to Frank, Gil and me on 8 January 2019. So the claim “vacant since 1 January” is demonstrably incorrect and part of the falsehood that Frank and I were never appointed.

Before the Executive Committee meeting could occur on Thursday 17 January 2019,
Claire Isitt (Centre Services Director, FPMT Inc) advised Mark Fernandes (Treasurer)
in writing that FPMT Inc were revoking the recommendations of Peter Guiliano and
Frank Brock to be Directors of TI.

As pointed out elsewhere, there is no authority in the Affiliate Agreement for Claire Isitt to revoke Rinpoche’s recommendations. After this claim, I have checked with Ven Roger several times and have not yet been told that Lama Zopa has reversed his observations.

There is nothing minuted about Mark’s intervening communications with Claire before the meeting is held. It is also not stated from where Claire Isitt got her information that lead to her “advised Mark”. Also interesting to me, is the fact that no rationale is provided here in the Minutes but two reasons are listed in Mark’s Report, later. Where did they come from and how does Mark know about them after the meeting