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25 July 2019, I just came across this letter from Lama Yeshe. Although it is addressed to me, I think it wasn’t specifically written to us about not paying for texts Lama had sent to us. It was written in 1982 but I think it is relevant for those who think the Centre’s purpose has reached its highest goal already.  And note that after only one year in the CD chair, Lama is concerned that I might be “giving stuck vibration and example to our center members.” We were hardly “stuck” at this time, as we were in the middle of buying 3 Crimea Street without any money. But you can certainly see that Lama Yeshe was concerned about the centre becoming complacent and self-congratulatory — and he drove that responsibility straight at the heart of the Centre Director.

March 30, 1982

Dear Peter,

So there is one thing I want to make very clear. We do have direction. We are organization with aim to preserve the Mahayana Dharma of Lama Tzong Khapa, because we do know this will bring great benefit to many kind motherly sentient beings. We do know what we are doing. And I do have right to help you people develop your minds and your comprehension of what we are doing. We must develop. We must grow. We cannot stay small phenomenon forever.

So, I hope this makes very clear to you.

And I hope you are encouraging BIG attitude in your center. I hope you are not stuck and giving stuck vibration and example to our center members.

Lama Yeshe

1982 letter from Lama Yeshe