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My Angry Email to the EC After Their “Revoke” Email 

Before the  12 January, when Mark announced that Frank and I had been fired Frank, Gil and I were not aware that the EC had issues. We certainly did not know they were plotting against us. The transition had been unfolding without any apparent friction so the claim revealed on the 17th of January, that I had been “Endeavouring to divide the TI community, instead of promoting harmony and togetherness”

I have absolutely no idea what the accusation was based upon as nothing was offered in support of that claim.

My contention is that they have either got very thin skins or have dramatically over emphasised the degree of offense and definitely exaggerated the impact on the TI community.


What possessed you people? First of all I couldn’t believe a group of Buddhists could plan to tell a blatant lie (to cover up that you were against Rinpoche’s advice) as was indicated in last Friday’s email exchange between Mark and Claire. Those emails also contained an array of other bogus statements. But today’s effort takes the cake.

Why do you not own up to rejecting Rinpoche’s advice? You must sense that members will not be pleased.

Gabe and I agreed to wait to discuss this further on her return; the director of FPMT Inc urged/requested in writing that the EC sit down to sort out their concerns with me and Frank, but you decided to axe the lot.

You people on the EC want to act as the board of TI but you show that you lack simple logic, basic justice and courage. Forget about wisdom.

The FPMT did not issue any invitation to Frank and me. The invitation was made by Gabe on behalf of the EC. The FPMT cannot withdraw that invitation, only the EC can do that.

When Mark F baldly told Frank, Gil and me that the EC had decided it did not want to follow Lama Zopa’s guidance (that Frank and I take up the CD role/s at TI) I demanded to see the Minutes of the meeting where that decision was made. It turned out that there had been no meeting. So Frank and Gil pressed Mark to convene such a meeting where you could all vote on that simple proposition. And members could see how you each vote.

The meeting was called but the proposal was changed to a bogus and incorrect proposition which none of you had the wit to check. The emails that displayed this lack of care also contained unsubstantiated claims — that means, there was no evidence at all cited to indicate a reason for the claims — and there was not the least opportunity for me to rebut them as they had and have never been raised with me to this day. This is simply unacceptable behaviour that would not be tolerated in any other forum.

Yet not one of you involved in this catastrophe raised a peep of objection; you just went ahead and ducked the issue with every member of TI! I think you have covered yourselves in inglory.

Congratulations on demonstrating why we need a change in governance.

With so much requesting for discussion, your choice is to reject Lama Zopa’s advice and then cover up rather than show the colour of your flags. How can you see a way forward with such lack of judgement in the drivers’ seat?