Documents Relating to January Sacking of CD and Assistant CD

In spite of being recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and then being appointed by the outgoing CD and her Assistant in December 2018, Frank and I were dismissed on the 17th of January 2019 without warning or consultation (or explanation over the following 6+ months).

These are relevant documents from the time. They are published for anyone who is more interested in the facts rather than the rumours. My comments were written before Ven Roger revealed to me in May that he had supported the sackings. Prior to that revelation, I had believed that the sacking had been entirely the result of undisclosed emails between one EC member and FPMT Central Office.

2019 Introduction to The Controversy

Timeline of Events

My View at the Time

2018 CD’s Handover Letter January 2019

FPMT COF “Revokes Offer”

EC Minutes 17 January 2019

My Response to “Revoke”

EC Broadcast to All TI Members: 1 February

My Response to EC Broadcast

EC Broadcast: 6 March

EC’s Version of What Should Happen at AGM

Some background on the rules and constraints that surround Tara Institute. And discussion on the issues confronting governance at Tara Institute.

Actual TI Rules and FPMT Affiliate Agreement

My Call to End Disharmony

Frank and I Resign

My Call to Petition Lama Zopa Rinpoche for Help

Why TI Needs Checks and Balances

Explanation of the Improved Governance Concept