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Apology to Mark Fernandes

Sent to him on 7 February 2019: No reply was ever received. Nor from the one to Gabe below it.

Hi Mark,

I meant to pre-warn you but things move quickly. In response to you emails, I’ve just sent out the first of two emails on the situation at the Centre. The first is a short, general statement of my view of how things unfolded. The second, a broader view tying all the elements around our Centre together. Sorry for not pre-warning you about the first email’

I’m sorry for having been so critical of the shock you announced at our meeting and for blowing up when you said the EC had rejected myself and Frank. It must have been deeply hurtful to you and has not helped the current situation our Centre is facing and I deeply regret my actions.

I am hoping you guys can find space in your hearts that will allow us to repair the damage before it goes too far.