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“You have to be determined … to
realise completely that the problem is
your misconception and that the blame
definitely does not lie with others.”

—Lama Thubten Yeshe, founder of the FPMT

Welcome to the Forum

The usual rules of decorum, respect, kindness and consideration apply here. We are simply discussing various ideas related to different areas of the Centre and how to make them better than they are now. Specific Discussion Rules

Obviously, we will need to identify problems —first— before we can fix them. Please be aware/conscious not to present or read those problems as personal criticisms; they are just problems. We are not here to blame. Just to improve.

Green banners seem to be an exclusively administrative task so if you would like a new one introduced, please contact me and I will include it for you. Meanwhile there are plenty of areas already posted that will allow you to get started somewhere. Or just post it in the Random Topics area.