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Public review of solar for TI

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Power companies have limited the amount of solar that can be installed in suburban properties and that may have contributed to the EC's decision to reject it as an option for the Centre, does anyone know the rationale — outside the EC?

Several people wrote to me, following my call for greater community involvement in TI committees. One innocent emailer volunteered to do some menial work for us around TI, but I became curious to know who this person was. I smelt opportunity. On checking his profile on Linked In, I found this regular Wednesday nighter to be Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of a listed company. He could do a lot more for TI, so we exchanged emails.

His company has software that combines and manages alternative energy sources for big companies — that's my potted version, anyway. But my point is that our community and its connections might contain hidden gold that would help us to find a way to make solar work for us. Or prove that the EC decision was the right decision.

In any case, the potential benefits make opening up the examination of solar to be well worth the extra effort.

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