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I think it would be very instructional to prepare a diagrammatic representation of TI's spending over the past decades.

We used to manage finances by cost centres and by projects so that we could see how we were going on a month-by-month basis. That seems to have disappeared; the Treasurer told me that the biggest project with the biggest cost (if I remember correctly) was the front porch, which I think cost about $80 grand over three years.

But I could see no mention or sign of it in the published figures. The only line item that I could guess was relevant:

Repairs and maintenance | 2018 (32,044)| 2017 (11,902)|

...only adds up to $44 grand over the two years but I would expect there were lots of other Repairs and maintenance jobs done (and therefore, included in the total) over that period, so where is the porch? And, more importantly, how is that a good way to manage projects?

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