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A bit of relativity...
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A bit of relativity to take into account

From talking to current TI management, I get the idea that they think things have never been so good with the finances. In 2018, the relative value of $1,250,000.00 (what we paid for 3 Mavis Avenue) in 1987 ranges from $3,065,000.00 to $8,084,000.00 []. I think TI turned over less than $450 grand in 2018, but in 1987 the interest bill /on its own/ was about $40 grand a quarter. That interest (which got us nothing but the loan) is equivalent to $400 grand today — then on top of that, we paid all the costs of running the Centre. Where is that "loan" money today and why do we not have at least half of it clear of running expenses?

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