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We've got our website, MailChimp and free online polling platforms that make it easier than ever before to be open with and communicate with members throughout the year without costing us more than a few pennies.

Of course, many members won't care less and would rather not be bothered. That's also easy to manage simply by giving them the option to sign up for a special get-involved list if they would like to get down in the nuts and bolts.

Not only does this lift the lid off the atmosphere of secrecy that bothers so many of us around the Centre but it allows us to access the network of members and friends of members. Using the concrete driveway as an example, we could have let everyone know that the project was approaching a decision. Do you have any skills, experience or contacts who could help or advise us? These are the considerations we need to be aware of: tree roots, layout etc. Do you know any alternatives that are more environmentally palatable, recycled materials, cost saving.

If we involved more people, it would be easier to seek funding. People get value out of contributing time, energy and money. They become part of TI and are potential committee members, CDs, Treasurers etc.


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