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The benefits of contributing to our neighborhood

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In our early days in Brighton, we used to run annual Open Days; we door knocked for Red Cross; for Senior Citizens Week, we ran annual concerts in Landcox Hal;, at Saga Dawa, we donated to Brighton Benevolent Society.

I was told we stopped that Saga Dawa routine when BBS closed down; they are still listed on Give Now (image below) but have we found some other good cause to donate to instead?

Thanks to great work by Adair Bunnett, we also ran a one-off historical open day event opened by the Lord Mayor and we invited families who had lived in the mansion — several of them came for an emotional tour. We had many photos on display and printed a booklet (I seem to remember). TI was open for anyone to visit a local landmark and to get to see what those Buddhists were doing with it, now.

BTW, all these things were done while we were paying $160 grand in 1980s dollars just for the mortgage.

Recently the EC pitched for a grant to renovate the Hall, and I'm told they used some of those 20+ year-old TI activities as support for their pitch. They were not successful but I wonder if it occurred that there was value in revisiting the practice of actively being a local organisation that fits in with its surroundings — for everyone's benefit.

By actually contributing something, TI is then able to negotiate with the Council on the grounds of mutual benefit and constructive cooperation.

I think we should have a look at being a citizen again.

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June 2000 TI News — I found this quote from Geshe Doga in a report from TI CD, Ross Moore; right on topic.


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