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We can't ignore the past

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Many people say that the Centre is perfect and doesn't need to change in any way. That view ignores the history of TI and the reason why Lama Yeshe wanted it established in the first place. TI's job is not completed until all sentient beings have been released from Samsara, but how many have we released so far? How much work is yet to do? Even worse than that obviously endless work, is the simple fact that TI has been losing momentum as most TI Members face the end of their own lives. The simple chart attached here shows that our trend is down across the board. Lama Yeshe often urged us to "Do more, not less" but we seem to be heading in the opposite direction. At the 2019 Annual Tara Puja, Geshe Doga said, "Some people might be wondering why I’m hanging on here. It is because I support the center and want it to flourish." According to the Collins Dictionary, "If something flourishes, it is successful, active, or common, and developing quickly and strongly." Flourish does not mean stagnate nor does it mean decline.

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