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George: make this a post of yours, accidentally deleted it 🙁

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I reckon promoting this on-line forum is the way to go Peter, but it's too complicated.  I'm interested in almost everything you've posted, but don't quite know where to start.  I could write a many-thousand word essay on TCWC's 2018 Financial Reports but who'd read it?  As for the way Mark & Judy responded to my request for these Reports, where to begin?

Here's my shot at a motto for this forum, it is of course a trimmed down LTY quote:"You have to be determined ... to realise completely that the problem is your misconception and that the blame definitely does not lie with others."

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Nice quote, farlg1. I get what you are saying and if we had, say 20 people who wanted to get active, we could start all over again because there are an infinite (I counted them myself) ways to tackle this forum approach. And they probably each (I didn't count) have pros and cons.

What I wanted to gear up from is a tendency I see around this 2019 mess is to be always approaching the solution (if anyone has that objective) from the perspective of "getting rid of" this person or that person rather than creating a better structure that will hopefully go a long way towards reducing the problems perpetuated by particular individuals.

I came across some old documents that I then referenced to try to illustrate this "personal" approach as being a no solution. But the person I was trying to illustrate-to didn't seem to get it. I found some letters that Dave Hope wrote to David Andrews when he was CD a dozen years ago. Anyway, short story... there were different people on that EC but their reaction was eerily the same.

So when the idea came up to workshop a brief for the new CD (although the EC would never show it to her or him) I thought that would be a good exercise for "this team" to start to get an idea of what is involved in fashioning a TI that works better than this one... 

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Can we agree on a sharp topic that people will stay focused on?  I like "workshop a brief for the new CD". How chosen, how appointed, roles & powers, reporting to members, how dis-appointed.  It appears that Dave Andrews was simply appointed by the EC.  


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