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Back of Stage Area (Dugald)

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Behind Landcox Hall ,otherwise known as "wasted space central", there is a little room that I believe is earmarked for Childrens Sunday School.

Whether that continues now Jenny has retired I am not sure but it has always looked like a Sangha Gompa to me if it was given a bit of spit and polish,.

For whatever reason there are no sangha at TI despite the Teachings being focused on serious advanced study and practice.

I see no reason that room cant be used for " quiet meditation" on a regular basis. Specifically Shamantha ,Vipassana practice as taught in the FPMT by registered teachers like the Venerable Antonio Satta.

I know Jane,Bob,Steph and Frank( I think) and myself have done retreats with Venerable.

I am equally sure others others would join if there was to be a regular, albeit unofficial, sitting schedule that didn't conflict with the formal program.

It would just a matter of asking for a quiet space,a few self funded renovations ,some paint,simple altar ,a tanka and a pic or two of Lama and Rinpoche.

Then a regular commitment of at least 4 or 5 sitters until it stabilised.

Thoughts ?

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Dharma Club still operates at least monthly.

If we can get organised we should be able to use the gompa. When do you propose? Cynthia and I are thinking daytime meditations for cafe goers too. 
I leave tomorrow for 2 weeks silence so more later.


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