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7 Steps to Creating Your Best Nonprofit Marketing Plan Ever.pdf

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As an example, this PDF lays out 7 steps and if was all that we did, we would be way in front of what we are currently doing.

Perform an Organization Self-Assessment

  • Determine your current audience
  • Evaluate current materials and tools


Set Goals and Strategy

  • Set objectives and goals
  • Outline your strategy and tactics


Determine Your Unique Value

  • Understand what differentiates your nonprofit
  • Find your brand’s sweet spot


Craft Your Message

  • Understand me marketing vs. you marketing
  • Engage (and inspire) your audience
  • Craft a call to action


Choose Your Tools

  • Determine online and offline tactics (donate button plus email outreach)
  • Consider social networking


Define Budget, Timeline, and Resources

  • Outline your budget for each marketing activity
  • Create a marketing calendar
  • Assign responsibilities


Track and Measure Your Results

  • Understand the importance of tracking
  • Develop a timeline now
  • Measure your progress
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