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On making changes to the Rules

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As I understand from Dave Andrews, it takes a lot of time and effort to get changes approved by Consumer Affairs. I think you need a lawyer with associated costs. The bulk of the Rules are standard as available for download from Consumer Affairs Victoria who is also the legal "controller" and to whom TCWC has to submit its papers etc.

Even if the Rules are changed, it does not make the EC follow them. I cite membership as a crucial case not followed for many years. a post is here

Tax Deductible Donations: I think this is a serious one as it involves the ATO who are not to be messed with. post #33, here

My point here is that Compliance is king, no matter what Rules we can get implemented. If the EC of the day continues to treat the Rules as optional, there needs to be an oversight mechanism that will allow members to be heard and listened to, rather than ignored until they go away — as we have seen in 2019.


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