DIY SEO Tip 1: Find Out What Your Potential Customers are Searching For

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For successful DIY SEO there are many tools and techniques that will help you uncover the exact terms searchers use. They can also tell you how many times they search for those terms. I’m not going to cover Keyword Research here because you probably have a good idea of what terms your customers use most when they talk about your products and services. And that’s good enough for our purposes here.

DIY SEO warning: Keywords are What Searchers Enter When Searching; Not What You Think They Are nor What You Use!

Be warned. You don’t really know and you have to really find out. Ask them. We’ll get into that part of expert SEO at some other time.

DIY SEO tips for keywords

What words are searchers using?

I’m not down playing this step just because I’m skipping it here. It is an essential step to get right and you have to get it right or you waste all your time on the DIY SEO I’m outlining.

You have to know at least one keyword phrase to aim for in order to optimise your page using DIY SEO. This is what search engine optimisation is all about. If your page isn’t optimised for what goes in the search box, then the search engine will never give your page to the searcher as a good choice for the search term they just used.

Some people like to optimise for their own name or for their store or product name. That may be a good move if you know searchers will look for you by searching for your names.

But if you want to sell to people who don’t know you yet, then it makes better sense to optimise for what they are looking for.

How to Find the Facts You Need for DIY SEO

Google offers a free tool to help you find out the most popular keyword phrases and how many times they are used in a month. In true DIY SEO style, just search for the Google Keyword tool and try it out.

Another complication you will find in the Google Keyword Tool is the level of competition there is for that keyword phrase. How many other advertisers are optimising for that same keyword phrase? As a rule of thumb, if there are lots of other people after your keyword it will be harder and harder for you to win. This concept is almost universally believed and promoted around the internet world.

FoDIY SEO when size doesn;t matterr DIY SEO I say, not necessarily! If you were in a foot race to win the first ten spots on the Google front page (which is pretty much the case with Google rankings), would you pull out of the race just because there were 100 other runners? Not if they were all 3 years old, eh? But you might give up if you knew you were up against the 10 fastest runners in the world, though.

There are many DIY SEO ways you can compete for search engine rankings and many things you can do to help you get listed on the front page of Google. It can be pretty complicated so we’ll leave that discussion also for another day.

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