DIY SEO — How to Optimise Your Site for Free Traffic

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The following DIY SEO tips will help you use one of the best ways to draw a crowd of 100% free traffic — pull them in from search engines. Millions of buyers use search engines every day to look for things they already want to buy. Those searchers are called “targeted traffic”.

How Do You Get That Targeted Traffic To Your Website? — Try These DIY SEO Tips, They Work.

SEO — Search Engine Optimisation. With DIY SEO you optimise your web pages so that the search engines list your site on their front page. You want the front page because that’s where 80% of searchers choose which webpage they will visit.

DIY SEO collecting targeted traffic

Off to Catch Targeted Traffic

Big advertisers have known this fact long before Google came on the scene. But the tricks that worked in those days don’t work now. Google is full time weeding out those tactics that it identifies as spam.

And the reason is simple; search engines make their money by attracting advertisers; advertisers only advertise where there are lots of potential customers. Searchers are potential customers for you, your competitors and for Google. Correct DIY SEO will get your website in front of those customers before they even see your competitor’s listing.

Google knows that people will stop using their search engine if the search engine stops finding and delivering what is being searched for — good content that matches the search term..

So you can see that it is in your very best interest to use DIY SEO and give Google exactly what it wants, simply because that’s also what your potential customers want too. (There are special debates around Local Business Marketing SEO)

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