DIY SEO Tips 3: Offpage Strategy — Build a Relationship With The Internet

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DIY SEO Mastering Your Offpage Strategy

When any other site links to your site, it implies a vote of authority to you. When that third party links to you with a keyword-link, it also tells Google exactly what that third party thinks you are good at.  After your DIY SEO, the more “votes” you get for that keyword, the better the internet community thinks of you. As a result, in the eyes of Google your site must be better than other sites that have fewer keyword-links.

Adding to Your Backlinking Strategy With DIY SEO

There’s whole world of complication to the process but fundamentally that’s how Google figures out where to put you in its search rankings. DIY SEO backlinksAmong thousands of other factors, your page rank will go up and down depending on the number of links you get and on how much Google respects the sites that link to you.

As soon as Google’s impact was apparent and it began ripping away searchers and advertisers, other top search engines quickly followed suit. So the same factors, more or less, are measured and the number and quality of backlinks you have will also influence your rankings on other search engines.

In the foot race to page one, you want to beat your competitors out of the first 10 spots. That means you have to pay close attention to your linking strategy — how many backlinks you can get and where they are coming from. Get your best running shoes on and start chasing backlinks and go for quality and quantity.

More Offpage Optimisation Considerations

Anchor Text or Keyword-links

To maximise the power of your offpage optimisation, your keyword-links (anchor text — the words that are on the web page showing the link to your page) are much more valuable if they contain your keywords. So every time you want links from other sites, it’s a good idea to get them to link to you with your keywords. It’s not always possible but it’s really worth while to tell them the keywords you want them to use on your link.

Go and Get Links from Authority Sites

Google and other search engines rate sites on their authority within their field of expertise. Better respected sites with higher quantities of higher quality content and activity are rewarded with higher page rank than inferior sites.

You want your links to come from those authority sites with a high page rank rather than from less highly regarded sites. There’s some debate whether .edu and .gov sites are still as powerful as they used to be, but I still recommend that you go for them with your DIY SEO.

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