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Local Business Marketing Consultant; the first question you should ask

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Online Local Business Marketing Plan 2nd place out of 6.4 million results

Page 1, second place out of 9 million results on Google for Online Local Business Marketing Plan

A Local Business Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business, But How Can You Tell Which One to Choose?

It’s not rare to have a Local Business Marketing Consultant and all kinds of SEO experts are all over the net, promising to get you on the front page of Google.

How do you know if any one of them can really help you to get noticed online and attract new customers and clients to your business?

From my point of view, I think that task is pretty straight forward (it’s not simple, though). I would just ask any Search Engine Marketing Firm who was looking to sell me their services in the online marketing world… “Where is your site when I search Google for your services?

Search Engine Marketing FirmLocal Business Marketing first page of Google by Search Engine Marketing Firm from 102 million results

A broad search for Local Business Marketing returns this site on first page of Google from 102 million results

After all, isn’t that one of the first things you will want to aim for when your Local Business Marketing Plan finally kicks off?

If you engage an expert Search Engine Marketing Firm to help you with promoting your business in the local area, I would think you’d want increase your profile around the locality. Sure, the plan needs a lot more than some kind of “look at me” notoriety.

But it’s hard to see how you can do more new business if no one knows where you are or even if you exist at all.

You Need a Search Engine Marketing Firm That Can Get You High on Google

Huge numbers of people go straight to Google looking for answers to everything from what the time is, how to spell a tricky word all the way up to where to buy trades and services and how to chose the best one of them.

Search Engine Marketing Firm gets first page results on Google

A broad search on Google for Local Facebook Marketing Melbourne returns this site on first page out of 2 million results

They (let’s face it, it’s us too) rarely go beyond the first page of Google for their information.

So if you don’t show on the first page, 80% of the people looking for your competitors won’t even know you exist. That’s a lot of business that you aren’t even in the race with.

Most switched on businesses know they need to be on the first page or they won’t get to first “base”.

If your  web marketing provider can’t get themselves there, how are they going to get you there? Call me now on 0415 93 44 98 for a free consultation to see if I can help you get more clients off the free Search Engines.

Peter Guiliano Local Business Marketing Melbournea Search Engine Marketing Firm that can get you great Local results

Search Engine Marketing Firm gets Local Business Marketing Consultant 1st place 20million results

A broad search for Local Business Marketing Consultant on Google returns this site in 1st place out of 20 million results

NOTE: these are all genuine screenshots taken off Google on the 12 December 2010. Google doesn’t deliver the same results every time and it varies the results tailored for locations and search patterns. Your results may be different. From the computer’s IP, Google can tell the search was made in Melbourne Australia so the results Google delivers are targeted for the viewer. As I am a Local Business Marketing Consultant, Australia and Melbourne are my main client areas, these results are relevant for my clients and potential clients.