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Small Business Marketing (Melbourne) Services

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Small Business Marketing Done Globally from Australia

Now a Local Small Business Marketing Consultant, I come from many years in the marketing and advertising world Go here to read more about Peter Guiliano.

The internet and Google, have swung the balance in favour of Local Small Businesses.

  • Local SEO
  • Keyword/ Competition Analysis/ selection
  • Website Creation/ Management
  • Search Engine/ Directory Submissions
  • Website Analysis
  • Online Marketing Campaign
  • Blog Setup/ Customization
  • Blog Posts/Promotion
  • Google Places/Maps Setup
  • Facebook/ Twitter Page Creation
  • Video Creation/ Distribution
  • Autoresponder setup
  • Email Marketing
  • Email capture page
  • List Building
  • Article Writing/ Submission
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Contact Management

PeterGuiliano Small Business Marketing Online
All those industrial strength Marketing Solutions that were only available to big business can now be done better by small businesses. business-to-business (B2B) and  business-to-consumer (B2C) anyone looking to find local customers and clients.

Now it’s so much easier to tap into the full power that search engines give to everyone.

Small Business Marketing — target your local customers

Create a Total Web Presence — a proven method that will help you get more business by attracting:

  • customers to your website
  • subscribers to your email list
  • phone calls and emails looking for information about your products and services
  • visitors to your events and place of business

If you can do with an increase in people buying from you, referring you to other people and coming back to buy more often — we can help you to do all that.

Website and Blog Planning, Design and Construction to Fit Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Attract targeted traffic from search engines, social media sites and email lists. Maximize the way you convert visitors to leads and then to customers.

Organic SEO, Onpage and Offpage

Identify keyword phrase that are being entered into search engines — by people who want to buy. Use those keywords in all the right places the search engine expect them to be.

Back that up with high rating, relevant backlinks via articles, Web 2.0 and other hand-chosen sites. All this whitehat work will move you to the top of the major search engines – where 60% of all click action occurs.

Local SEO

We specialise in helping local businesses dominate the search results for their local area. Small Business Marketing in conjunction with normal SEO practices, prolific registrations in targeted directories all go to help clients cement their place in the local online universe.

Social Media

More power can be added to your small business marketing efforts by engaging with existing clients via social media.

We find it is a powerful way to increase the network of available customers. Existing customers and clients are linked to many friends who do not know that you service their friend.

Social media automatically alerts them to that fact. If you are helpful and useful, you become attractive and a new starter in their future decision making.

There is an incredible range of opportunities ready for you to use in order to benefit from Social Media. We can help you get started tapping into the absolutely phenominal numbers of people who are within easy reach.

  • Customer feedback; build on the good, repair the bad
  • Problem solving; hear it first hand before the world does
  • Market research: ask your target audience what they think, follow what they are doing and what they are interested in… be well ahead of the game
  • New product development; it’s so much easier to sell people what they are looking for rahter than try to “sell” what you want to sell or that you need sold
  • Customer retention; this is a fantastic way to show clients that they are wanted and appreciated and it’s perfect for curing bruises
  • Referrals: because you engage, listen and respond, your services and customer satisfaction will soar and clients will be very keen to recommend you… on Facebook!

Email Marketing

We recommend capturing the names and email addresses of people visiting your business. This is the essence of small business marketing.

We can automate that process on your website, Facebook or blog. It’s an effective way to build relationships even when the visitor is not yet ready to buy from you.

Email marketing will take subscribers from “stranger” to client. The process helps them know and like you to the point that they trust you well enough to do business with and recommend you to friends.

Please call 0415 934498 for more information or to arrange a no obligation local small business marketing consultation.