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Market Your Small Business Online Using the Best Internet Marketing Strategies

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Local Small Business Marketing Consultant

Contact us now for new ways to make an impression on the web by using Small Business Marketing.
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The right local small business marketing consultant will show you the way to attract new clients for free —right off the internet— with local internet marketing.

  • Local Small Business Marketing
  • Online Marketing Consulting Services
  • Facebook Business Page Development
  • New Client Lead Generation Service
  • Web Site Development and Graphics
  • SEO Services and Maintenance
  • Google Places and Directory Services
  • Article Sourcing and Publishing
  • Email Marketing
  • Media Distribution Services


Search Engine optimisation for businesses that service their local area. Use a small business marketing consultant to find the right keywords that identify buyers looking for your services in Search Engines. We design and provide effective internet marketing strategies for you — and with you.

As a small business marketing consultant firm, we know how to research and choose the right “buying” keywords and we can show you how to use them in your internet properties; websites, FaceBook FanPages and Commercial Pages, Twitter and more. This is the essence of small business marketing.

a small business marketing consultant gets Local Business Marketing Melbourne on Google first page after one week

Local Business Marketing Melbourne sits on the first page of Google after one week of content. Against the odds: keyword not in title, no backlinks, poor alt tags and very little content. (screenshot 8 Dec 2010) Click for more detailed image

If you want to find and motivate new and old clients to buy more of what you sell; as small business marketing consultants, we know how to do exactly that by developing web marketing strategies that work.

Doesn’t matter if you know the first or last thing about SEO you still need a small business marketing consultant. Small business marketing is not dependent on industry jargon that gets in the way of doing business. We offer online business services and marketing ideas for any small business that gets its customers from the local area.

Let us integrate all the key motivational elements that will build your online marketing strategy and grow your business. Find and capture leads and turn them into long lasting and very happy customers who are keen and actively recommending you to other potential clients.

Phone us now on 0415 934498. Learn small business marketing insights from a real, live local small business marketing consultant.

At the time, this site was just 2 weeks old. Still no backlinks or improvements to alt tags etc but the site now has number one positions on Google and Ask, plus several other front page positions and is steadily moving towards the front page for other keyword phrases. Don’t delay if you want me to help you. I can only handle a small amount of work.
small business marketing consultant in position one, first page of Google

PeterGuiliano Local Business Marketing in position one, first page of Google. This could be you.

Choose a local small business marketing consultant who can get your business onto the front page of Google and then — get you plenty of new clients from the front page of Google.