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Local Business Advertising; waste money or do it a better way

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Local Business Advertising and online marketing have many people with real businesses scratching their heads.

Everywhere they turn, they’re being told how much the business landscape has been changed by the internet.

“Get on board or be left way behind.”

Even though these businesses use the internet themselves both for business and for personal reasons, they — is that you? — feel they are missing something that they will never catch up on. Or is it just hype?

You may well be wondering about local business advertising but is it really worth advertising your small business online?

Your business continues pretty much as before, customers keep connecting with you and doing business with you.  Maybe the internet will be a passing fad.

Are you one of those who “would never need a computer”? Well the harsh truth is that you do need to embrace the tools of the internet or you’ll be as far behind as you were going to be before you bit the bullet and entered the computer world. The fact is that you are already doing so much more with your computer than you ever could have anticipated. You’re not going back to the old days… are you?

Local business advertising moves to another foot

The old kind of advertising you couldn't change even if you wanted to

No turning back with local business advertising.

Businesses bought Yellow Pages ads, outdoor advertising, magazine and newspaper ads — they took ages to produce and could not be corrected, changed or updated. Not until the next production cycle. Also they’re so arms-length in how they communicate; you the business owner could never talk to your potential customer nor even to your existing client that well.

The internet has changed all that so dramatically.

Now you can interact so easily with your target market. it’s easy to encourage the word-of-mouth that you always relied on to get new customers; people who are ready to buy. Just like before, these are your best prospects.

They are still your best prospects because someone else has “sold” them on you before you even know they exist.

The world of Social Media Marketing has really opened a multitude of new doors for you. Facebook, Twitter and other hot Web 2.0 sites are simply perfectly built for you. For your business.

What does that mean for you? Time to follow that instinct that drove you to buy your first computer; your instinct told you it was still “bookkeeping” but it was going to be faster and smarter to keep your books on the computer. You were right then.

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You are right now; it’s still just marketing and advertising! The thing is, it’s so much hotter and better targeted when you use the internet.

It’s time to put your best foot forward with local business advertising — and do it online

We know how to do it, so give me (Peter) a call now on 0415 934 498 and have a free chat about the best way to get started. I’ll give you a few valuable ideas on how to market your business on the Internet with local business advertising.