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Facebook for Business: Do I Really Need Facebook for MY Business?

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Is Facebook for Business Really an Option?

Facebook for business? You’ve got a pretty good idea of how Facebook works. Lots of kids, yours/other people’s, are on it all the time. Wasting time, not doing anything useful — why should you waste your time? It’s valuable.

You’ve got a business to run and you think Facebook for business is not for your business.

The fact is that it’s not that easy for you to get face to face with even a handful of new customers and you spend a significant amount of time wondering how you can attract more contacts and leads so you can convert them to clients.
You advertise, you scratch around at industry events and pump money into promotions and all kinds of ways to spend your good money. But using Facebook for business is not on your list.

Facebook for Business

You want more business? Have a look at Facebook for business. It’s got a lot of things going for it that you should really consider for your business. According to Facebook, over 100 million users login every day and they spend hours more there than most of your customers ever would spend hanging out at your business.

Use Facebook for business and you will build your Melbourne business

Facebook has more than enough customers for your local business

I know, that’s way too many people and they’d just get in the road. But how about attracting a fraction of them to do business with you… would that make a difference? One more thing to consider about Facebook users; the fastest growing age group is 35 years and older.

Now you begin to see why we push Facebook for business; your business.

There are new customers interacting on Facebook and they are using Facebook for business networking. You can find them easily, interact with them, help them, learn about your business and industry — from them directly. Reshape and represent your business in the way that they want to buy. It’s not that hard. It can be fun using Facebook for business.

Think about how you can use Facebook for business and if you want some help, give us a call.

Facebook for Business: What’s the least to do?

You should at least get your name before someone else gets it. Competitors are already using Facebook for business. There’s only one “your name” available and you need it even if it is just to add value to the business when you sell it.

Facebook for business means get your own your Facebook username for future marketing

Stake out your Facebook username property before you lose the opportunity

I recommend doing that now before someone else beats you to it. It will be too late if you wait until you “get” Facebook for business, so get it now. Get your Facebook name now. It’s free. Try Twitter and other Web 2.0 sites too, before it’s too late.

Facebook for Business: What’s good practice?

Good practice is to put Facebook to work. You can do it yourself (yeah, I know, you’re too busy). Well get someone else to look after it for you. Do you service your own car? Clean your office? You get the picture — this is important. You can do a little bit more or a lot more.

Move now and use Facebook for your business before your competitors have stolen the Facebook lead.

Marketing your local business via Facebook menas engage

There are a million ways to engage with your clients and attract new leads

But engage and engage with good intentions, don’t just chase the dollar signs. Share ideas and things, be supportive and interested and before long people will take notice of what you do in your career and business life.

They will engage with you and you will benefit.

Facebook for Business: What’s best practice?

Best practice is to devise a full strategy and make Facebook, Twitter etc all part of how you find, interact and convert leads to your business. Hey, this is work too. Look at all the other things you do and spend money on trying to achieve your business goals.

If you’re like so many people that I help, all that other stuff is just a random plate of spaghetti — it’s done without a plan. If you actually planned it, then you would see it doesn’t stand a good enough chance of success. But you close your eyes and hope for the best.

Truth is you’re throwing your own money away.

Online marketing using Facebook for business is a much better chance than all those spaghetti tactics… in fact, if you do it right, “chance” becomes a fine thing.

Now is the prefect time to use Facebook for business.