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Positions (Front Page) Available; Let Me Market Your Local Small Business

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OK. Here’s the Deal with Online Marketing

When you want someone  to Market Your Local Small Business,
I’m not a factory, I’m just a simple one man band.SEO expert for one man band Market Your Local Small Businesses

I don’t have a team of staff that I have to keep occupied — I use a team of trained outsourcers who are not the cheapest but are good at the “grunt” work (creating Social Media accounts, directory submissions, backlinking etc).

They are paid, when needed and only then, to do all the important and essential work that will get your small local business high up on the front page of Google.

All that complicated and tedious work would cost you a fortune if I did it myself.

Now ask yourself; are the big SEO companies really doing it themselves?

Market Your Local Small Business?
So What is “local” and what is “small“?

“Local” just means that you get your business from the areas surrounding your business (your local area), no matter where it is in the English-speaking world (makes no difference to me).

“Small” just means that you don’t need  a board meeting to make your marketing decisions. Preferably, you make the decisions; I don’t care how big your company is, I just want to work with the person who makes the decisions.

I have about 50 of my own sites, sites that I make the marketing decisions for; I know what it takes to get high ranking on search engines and how to make money from there. So I’d like to help you do the same.

Trouble is, I don’t want too many customers — I want friends I can help, and only a few of them at that.

So if you are smart enough to know that no one can guarantee you front page results (it’s sucker bait) but that you can get there with intelligent and consistent work, I would really love to talk to you.

I’m pretty sure I can help you (see here for example: learn how to do your own SEO), after all, how did you find this page?  My competition is made up of all those slick, mega SEO companies with Account Executives to service their clients. They have lots of staff and money to spend on PPC advertising — but you found  me.

With all their resources and all their knowledge, how come they didn’t beat a pushover like me?

Interesting isn’t it?

Can I can do the same for you and your business; Market Your Local Small Business Online?

I believe I can.

Please give me a call. I’ll give you a free appraisal of your current position, personally — not using one of those automated software reports (although I can do them too, if you want).

Give me a try, if you are “local” and “small”.

Call me on +61 (0)415 934498 or drop me a line via the form on the right.

It’s free and it might help you anyway, even if you still decide to spend too much money with those telemarketing factories that can’t even get themselves on the front page.

Why not let me Market Your Local Small Business, instead?
Market Your Local Small Business



Local Business Marketing dominates Google

Don't settle for one result on Google - you can have many; any combination of multiple web pages, videos, directory listings, news results etc