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Online Marketing Plays a Key Role In Your Small Business Marketing to Local Customers

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Online Marketing is Only a Fraction of Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing… what’s everybody talking about?

As a small business owner you could be forgiven if you’ve been wanting the whole internet thing to fade away like a fad.

plug in your Online Marketing

Dust away the cobwebs, it's time to plug in your Online Marketing

The truth is that it’s not going away in the foreseeable future. In fact it’s growing bigger every day. At first it was all those switched on types and the Facebook kids but now it’s your wife, her mother and a wide range of very surprising types you thought would never get “online”.

Hey, let’s face it, you’re online too!

Like everyone else with an internet connection, you know it’s so much easier and faster to look it up in a search engine. You find yourself using online maps, not printed ones. You hardly ever use the Yellow Pages any more.

Like it or not, we are all using the internet for things we would never have thought possible. We’re like most of the people in the local area that feeds your business.

So you’re thinking, with Online Marketing, How Do I Talk to These People, Now? 

Online Marketing has to talk to the crowd

Your Online Marketing Has to Talk One-on-One to The Crowd

It’s not that hard.

Most people are just like you. They don’t to be pressured, they want value from someone who is genuine and who can help them get what they want. Surely that’s you.

And you can do cheaper and faster with lots of useful advice that they wouldn’t get from someone else. Online Marketing must be able to get that message across in a way that the potential customer will respond to favorably. Online Marketing is not like regular advertising and that’s not just because it;s new. It’s because it’s personal.

It may be a paradox but the internet is personal and Online Marketing has to be personal too. The paradox is that people text rather than talk; they avoid that one on one contact but then they expect more from keystrokes. Your Online Marketing may not be much more than keystrokes but that’s why it has to be more.

It has to be human.

How Do You Make Your Online Marketing Personal Without the Normal Human Touch?

Potential Customers are looking for “things” on the search engines. They are not consciously looking for human anything, they just want their search fulfilled. So your Online Marketing has to capture their attention immediately. You don’t have much time but you do havein millions of competitors ready to grab the opportunity you might be about to blow. No pressure.

In the old days, you had a big advantage whenever anyone came into your physical location; it was a lot more inconvenient for them to take their business anywhere else. Those tables have certainly turned. Potential clients will decide within seconds to continue with you or look for a better alternative just a mouse click away.

Your new Online Marketing better click with them pretty quickly or they are gone, off to your competitor.

Online Marketing’s Good News

Local Business Internet Advertising Can Have its Own Inner Beauty

There is a balance though. The internet has given you a set of tools that allow you to play with the big boys and win. Online Marketing is very cheap and it gives you the ability to react quickly and inexpensively in a way that was previously only available to big corporations with big advertising and marketing budgets that would dwarf your whole business. Now you have the ability to make brains beat brawn.

Your small business marketing can embrace Online Marketing in ways that give you a real edge over the elephants in your business garden. The internet provides you with high speed running shoes that no elephant can hope to wear.

Don’t be Afraid of Online Marketing Giants, Your Local Business Marketing Can Run Rings Around Them

Have a look around the site, see how we might be able to benefit your local business. Here are some Online Marketing conversations worth checking out.

We can help you get onto the top of Google and from there we can show you how to make the most of the internet, how to capture new leads and we can show you how to talk their language and lead them to be long lasting and very happy customers. Is Internet Advertising a Waste of Time?
Your local business marketing will thrive on the back of genuine and human Online Marketing.