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Why You Have to Be Number One on Google

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First Page on Google, Then Number One on Google

From First Page on Google You Need to Keep Working for First Place

Why should you worry about being Number One on Google? Most new business customers are looking online first. So you’d better be there ready and waiting for them.

They almost always choose whoever the search engine throws up on page 1. If that business is NOT you, then your business just lost a valuable new customer.

This shows why it's so important to be Number One on Google

How much new business are you missing out on every day — simply because you are not on the first page of Google?

How much income are you missing not being Number One on Google?

If you know the lifetime-value of your customers, you can do the math. Let’s say you can only anticipate turning just a few of those searchers into customers —and into extra income. Of course, you also have to have a good conversion program in place. But let’s imagine you can win a handful of those searchers. Do you want them or are you happy for them to find a competitor instead?

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If you can see value in attracting new business, you need to quickly review your local business marketing plan and make sure it is focused on taking you to Number One on Google.

Make sure your online strategy is tapping into the search engine wishing well that is pumping an amazing —and growing— number of searchers through its system.

Local Business Marketing Melbourne 6 Google front page keywords

You know you need to be listed on Google,
but how on earth do you do that?

First of all, you need a website; do you have one?

If you have one did you already spend a bundle of money getting it built, and are you now surprised that it never shows up when you search for your kind of business?

Owning a beautiful website has almost nothing to do with ranking on search engines. Search engine positions are not a beauty pageant, they are a race. How fierce the competition is in that race, determines how frantic and dynamic you have to be to get to the top and stay there.

There’s no end to the race. If you stop pedaling, all your competitors will run over the top of you and you will quickly drift away into the unseen pages of Google. Into oblivion.

But that’s not the worst of it. Being number one on Google is crucial but it not everything; you have more to do.

SEO companies make out that just being on the front page means you will make money. That’s just the first step where you catch the searcher’s attention. The big key to making money online comes next. What do they decide to do after they land on your website?

Does you website have a plan that leads the new arrival to do what you want them to do?

This is the crunch part of Online Marketing; you’ve got them to come to your site from the front page or even number one on Google, now you have to encourage them to take the path that leads to the action where they trade their money for whatever you are selling.

This is the time you win them or lose them.  This is Online Marketing and we can help you win them.

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Local Business does with Google

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