How to Cut Your AdWords PPC Cost in Half

Most Local Business Advertisers Pay No Attention to Quality Score. Is that you?

Is a poor Quality Score wrecking your PPC efforts? Do you know anything about Quality Score — what it is, its purpose and its impact on your budget and results? Let’s have a look at the fundamentals. [click to continue…]

The Biggest PPC Advertising Mistake — It’s Costing You Leads and Money

Are you making the same PPC landing page mistake that most advertisers make?

If you are, then making this mistake is costing you lost leads and more expensive costs per click.

You are losing leads because [click to continue…]

Does Facebook Advertising Work For Business?

Facebook is a global phenomenon that has swept up a billion users — many of whom are active on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.

You definitely know more than one person who is locked into its unique form of person [click to continue…]

DIY SEO Tips 2: Give The Search Engines What They Want

DIY SEO Fact: all search engines love what all searchers want — informative, fascinating, entertaining and rewarding… content. Original content. DIY SEO Masterplan: Give The Search Engines Quality Content for Their Users No matter what you write, or get written for you, just remember that the search engines are rating you against all the other […]

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DIY SEO — How to Optimise Your Site for Free Traffic

The following DIY SEO tips will help you use one of the best ways to draw a crowd of 100% free traffic — pull them in from search engines. Millions of buyers use search engines every day to look for things they already want to buy. Those searchers are called “targeted traffic”. How Do You […]

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